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Fallen Giants - Rover w/ Pilot Suit

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to thank Hum3D and all the great sponsors for putting together such a fun art challenge. ( ) Usually, these contests have a lot of restrictions put on the software and 3D mesh topologies, so I was very excited to find this challenge was extremely open for a concept artist 3D pipeline. Also want to thank all the other artists who participated on this challenge! It's been a lot of fun watching all the other designs develop and how different artists approached their design objectives.

My Concept Description / story: When we first discovered planet D-CL3401, it was believed a first contact event was inevitable. This planet was home to giants, Alien giants! Yet, till this day, only their dead remains litter the landscape. The strange phenomenon of the deceased remains appearing randomly on the planet is only made all the more mysterious due to the altitude where the bodies first manifest; 8,500 meters above the atmosphere then, fall to surface where the corrosive air and toxic solar radiation was so relentless, a hundred and twenty meter body cremates within 24 hours. Even their bones char and become dust. It wasn't long before the planet became known for its true purpose; crematorium.

The greatest archeological discovery of our species was just out of reach. For generations we watched through grainy videos of rovers that would burn up in the surface of D-CL3401. As we lacked the technology to sustain any direct sampling of the remains, private industry lead the field. The wealth of discovery harbored a gold rush that procured the M.M.O.T.H. Archeological Excavator unit.

The M.M.O.T.H unit is piloted by one on-board astronaut, and supplemented with four remotely controlled excavator sampling arms capable of carrying out individual experiments. The chassis consists of storage designed to sustain homeostasis of the samples until transit to a shuttle. With six wheels and maneuverable frame, excavations can be planed around any shuttle drop site.

We await eagerly for the mystery of our fallen giants to bare fruit.


I created this astronaut piloted rover completely in Zbrush, using the polymodeler brush for all the hard surface elements, then rendered in keyshot. The terrain was generated using Worldmachine and all textures were created and modified in Keyshot. I wanted to practice building out a large environment scene and populate it with creatures and mechanical vehicles / characters, so it was a lot of fun generating the terrain and wrangling it all together with zbrush and keyshot. The atmosphere was something I knew I wanted to push in keyshot, so that was a point of interest in the development of the image.